Fresh Meet Rooftop Edition Eindhoven Microlab Gratis Buitenfilm Natlab
Fresh Meet Rooftop Filmfestival 2023 24 augustus Fight Flirt Fight
Fresh Meet Rooftop Filmfestival 2023 24 augustus Fight Flirt Fight
Fresh Meet Rooftop Filmfestival 2023 24 augustus Fight Flirt Fight
Fresh Meet Rooftop Filmfestival 2023 24 augustus Real Illusion


This summer, we are taking Fresh Meet to new heights with a view of Eindhoven!

Unfortunately, the outdoor film event at Natlab was canceled. But don't worry! BROET is moving forward and has something unique for you. Together with the creative hotspot, co-working, and makerspace Microlab at Strijp-S, we are organizing a grand rooftop film festival on August 24 and 25!

Fresh Meet x Skyline Eindhoven
With the Eindhoven skyline in the background, you will watch inspiring short fiction, documentary, animated films, and music videos, accompanied by engaging Q&A sessions with the filmmakers themselves. That's exactly what Fresh Meet by BROET is all about.

Out of more than 60 submissions, 18 short films with diverse themes and stories have been selected. The program will be announced later.

Meeting the Filmmakers
Our film festival is unique because it focuses on meeting the filmmakers, who will all be present. Discover their filmmaking process during the Q&A sessions. All this while enjoying a delicious drink ordered at the sky bar of Microlab!

Fresh Meet is free for everyone. Registration through the link above is mandatory as space is limited.

Door and bar open: 20:00
Program starts: 21:00
End: 23:00

Films screened during: Real Illusion:
Sometimes nothing is as it seems! Get ready to be enchanted as a red balloon gracefully floats into your life, and mischievous dwarfs cross your path, bringing a touch of whimsy to your cinematic journey. When you think you can shape your life, reality turns into an illusion full of unexpected surprises.

The Creative Handshake: Ruggeds - Documentary ~ 5 min
Rosie Zopfi

Diafonie - Animation ~ 7 min
Mirjam Debets & Selle Inti Sellink

Day 366 - Fiction ~ 2 min
Rozemarijn Elisa

Gourmet - Fiction ~ 17 min
Twan van Bragt & Gegam Soghomonyan

Gnomes - Fiction ~ 5 min
Ruwan Heggelman

Waka Nanga Mi - Fiction ~ 10 min
Evani Gilds

Yaar - Animation ~ 3 min
Nahid Malayeri

Furchild - Animation ~ 3 min
Jane van Wechem

The Kid - Music video ~ 4 min
Flip Stroom

All short films include English subtitles.




20:00 – 23:00




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